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Aptly subtitled “Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century,” this guide makes Tantric sex practices accessible to busy individuals and couples who want to reconnect to their sexuality and experience more mindful sex. Through concrete techniques and exercises, author Barbara Carrellas invites readers to explore massage, the breath, energy movement, tantric selfloving, tantric BDSM, and sexual healing work.

Carrellas begins Part 1 (Tantra: The Basics) with a chapter on ecstasy–what it is, what it is not, why it’s important. From this foundation, she outlines mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and meditation; introduces the body’s energy centers or chakras; walks the reader through the basic forms of touch. Part 2 focuses on Tantra for One; Part 3 goes into Tantra for Two; Part 4 goes into Tantric BDSM, Tantric Rituals, and Group Tantra; and Part 5 takes Tantra to the next dimension and covers sex and healing, sex magic, stress relief, and more.

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