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Written by world-renowned Taoist arts teacher Mantak Chia (The Multi-Orgasmic Man, The Multi-Orgasmic Couple) and family practice physician Rachel Carlton Abrams (The Multi-Orgasmic Couple), The Multi-Orgasmic Woman is a great introduction to multiple orgasms for women. Focusing on a Taoist approach to sexuality, the authors do a great job of explaining the basic principles of Taoist practice, sharing personal stories and stories from others, incorporating exercises for you to practice on your own (or with a partner, if you have one — although a partner is not required), and using language that is very inclusive of anyone who wishes to try the techniques.

The book’s general philosophy is that your body’s ”chi” (essential energy) has to be healthy, vibrant, and in full force before multiple orgasms are a possibility. Thus, the authors take you through several ways to become more healthy overall — like eating right, exercising, and learning to relax — before there’s any talk of orgasm (we really like this recognition of the many factors contributing to libido). Then, they take you step-by-step through several exercises designed to move your chi along various pathways throughout your body in order to optimize your sexual energy. The multi-orgasmic part results from your ability to retain the orgasmic energy in your body and redistribute it, rather than losing it during your orgasmic contractions.

There’s also a fairly extensive section on various infections, conditions and other ailments that can affect comfort in the genitals and orgasmic ability (like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis) as well as some great discussion of the effects of various hormones on sexual desire, and how your libido can be affected by the hormones in several birth control options and menopausal treatments.

This book isn’t ideal for women who are preorgasmic, but if you are able to have an orgasm and want to try to expand that experience, this is an interesting read.

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