What do I do with Warming Gels?

Dear Sex Educator,

I see these gels that warm when you rub them into the skin and then get warmer when you blow on them. But you warn us not to use them on the vulva or in the vagina, so what do I do with them?

These warming gels are intended to help you focus on more whole-body sensations. You can rub the gel into a specific area and it warms up (try nipples, inside of thighs, inside of arms, necks, behind the ear); then blow across it, which will cause it to heat even more. Then you can lick the gel off – so you get rubbing, blowing, warming and licking attention to any number of sensitive areas.

Warming gels have too much glycerin to be used safely and comfortably on the vulva or in the vagina (they can lead to a nasty yeast infection), but they can be used on men’s genitals as long as they are licked off before intercourse or before a condom is used.

Warming gels were originally developed to broaden the attention that we pay to the whole body during intimate play, rather than a focus on just genital contact. It’s a good way to introduce more playfulness, take some more time, and experiment with finding other places on the body that enjoy touch.

The Sex Educator