Using double-ended dildos

Dear Sex Educator,

My girlfriend and I have tried double dildos for mutual pleasure, and it just doesn’t work. The dildo we bought was not firm enough to stay in place and could not move well with thrusting. Is there anything on the market that can provide mutual vaginal penetration for women without falling out? If so, please give me some options.

Yes! There are several options. The ones I would recommend exploring are the following:

  1. The Thelma & Louise and Betty & Veronica dildos we carry are doubles that have the two dildos set at a 90 degree angle to each other. One person wears the dildo inside her, and holds the dildo in place either using a harness or very tight men’s jockey briefs. These dildos are firm enough to allow thrusting without bending, and the angles are set up such that both people can have comfortable penetration.
  2. Another option is to try one of the Feeldoe double dildos – we call them Cagney & Lacey, Kate & Allie and Bonnie & Clyde. Available in three different sizes, these doubles have the dildos at slightly different angles than the Thelma & Louise and Betty & Veronica do, but work in the same way.  For some wearers, the dildo will stay inside when she grips it using her pelvic floor muscles; for others, wearing a pair of tight-fitting men’s briefs or a harness will help secure the dildo. These doubles also all hold a small Turbo Twinkle vibrator inside, so both partners get a little vibrating buzz during penetration. Daphne & Velma has a larger end for the wearer to insert, and may be easier to hold in place without a harness.
  3. Another option is getting a harness and a two-fer harness cuff. This allows you to use one dildo in the harness to penetrate your partner while wearing a dildo inside of yourself using the harness cuff. This also allows you to have dildos that fit each of you specifically, rather than trying to fit a double to both of you, and for one or both of you to wear a vibrating or non-vibrating dildo if you wish.
  4. A third option, which is a bit different, is for both of you to wear thigh harnesses with dildos and ride each other’s thighs. This doesn’t allow a lot of thrusting, but you each get a lot of control and closeness.

I hope this helps. The traditionally styled double is indeed awkward to use, but these other items are fun and much easier to use comfortably. Thanks for asking this question. Good luck!

The Sex Educator