Shaving Hints & Tips

Dear Sex Educator,

Can you tell me more about how to shave my pubic hair safely and comfortably?

I’m particularly fond of hair and fuzz, so I asked for some shaving tips from shaving experts. Here’s what one expert says:

“I am a 23-year-old female and have been shaving completely for about a year now. The initial reason was for my boyfriend at the time. It turned him on immensely, and since I already shaved some (just to keep my pubic hair neatly trimmed), it didn’t seem like a big deal.

“Now, even though that boyfriend is gone, I am still shaving and I will continue to do so. It is so much better … I can’t begin to describe it. A wonderful wonderful feeling!! It does, however, take some getting used to. The itching and the skin irritation are present at first. However, the more you shave the less itching/irritation you have. At this point, I have none of those problems; but as I said, I have been doing this for a year.

“Here are some shaving hints I’ve developed for people new to shaving:

  1. “Always pre-soak the area you wish to shave. I’ve found that taking a warm – not hot – bath works best. You should soak the area for at least 10 minutes. What usually works best for me is shaving my legs first, then shaving my pubic area.
  2. “Always use a fresh razor. I like the Gillette Sensor Excel for women the best. However, whatever razor you use on your legs should be fine. Remember that pubic hair is more thick and coarse than hair on other parts of your body, so you may have to use more than one razor blade. If the blade begins to dull, replace it. If this is your first time, it may take more than one razor, but the more you shave the less you will have to do this.
  3. “Always, always, always, use shaving gel or cream. Never dry shave, as this will cause a lot of painful irritation. Again, the same stuff you use on your legs should be fine, but stay away from shaving with soap. Your husband/boyfriend’s shaving cream will work just as well.
  4. “Try not to repeatedly shave the same area. This too will cause intense skin irritation. If this is your fist time shaving, you might want to try trimming the hair first. That way it isn’t as thick, and you won’t have to shave the same area twice to remove all of the hair. Pull the skin tight as you shave – this will help you get a smoother shave. Most experts say to shave in the direction of the hair growth on both your legs and your pubic area. I don’t like this method, as it doesn’t give you a smooth shave. I shave this area the same way I shave my legs; however, you should do what you are more comfortable with. As for frequency of shaving, that should be left to your personal preferences. For me, I found it is best and easier to shave my pubic region every time I shave my legs.
  5. “After shaving, dry your skin thoroughly but gently. You must moisturize the area immediately to avoid the dry skin or irritating red bumps that sometimes occur. There are many different ways to do this. Aloe Vera helps to sooth the skin. Others may use baby oil. I try to avoid the baby oil, but that is just a personal preference. If you do use the baby oil, you need to put it on and then let it dry for five or six hours. Then wash it off with some antibacterial soap. After that, you need to put some regular lotion on. This method is a little too time-consuming for me. Gillette Satin Care Skin Replenishing Cream for after shaving is a wonderful product for both legs and the pubic area. This is what I use, and it comes in a few different formulas for specific skin types.
  6. “Moisturize daily with lotion, baby oil or aloe vera, whichever you prefer. I use the Gillette Satin Care after I shave, then on subsequent days I use the same lotion I use on the rest of my body. Anything is fine to help soothe and replenish the moisture in the skin, but try to avoid lotions with a lot of colors or fragrances added. Once a day in the morning usually works best, and you can incorporate it into your morning routine. I suggest avoiding using powder, but if you want to, avoid powders that contain talc, which has been linked to cervical cancer.
  7. “I have found that not wearing panties for the entire day after you shave helps lessen irritation. However, I know some people will not be comfortable with that. The first time you shave this region will be the most uncomfortable. Each time you shave after that, the itching and irritation will lessen until eventually they are gone completely. It is my opinion that once you have shaved completely, you will never want to go back. It is just so much more comfortable and erotic. Most men like the idea of not having to deal with pubic hair. For me personally, it also makes me feel more feminine and sexier.”

(Dr. Myrtle wants to remind you that your genital-area skin is very sensitive, and men’s shaving cream may not be gentle enough for some people. She suggests that you may want to do a shaving cream/gel test on some less sensitive area (arm or leg) to see if your skin agrees with the cream or gel.)

Happy shaving!

The Sex Educator