Oral sex lubricants

Dear Sex Educator,

Do you have any suggestions for the best lubes to use during oral sex with men? Avoiding dry mouth at an inopportune moment has proven difficult.

Yes, there are a few good choices for lubricants that can be used during oral sex with men. Some people prefer water-based lubricants for their mouth feel, and others like the very slippery, almost oily feeling of silicone lubricants.

One choice you have is a taste-free lubricant such as Sliquid Organics Natural orSlippery Stuff. These allow you to taste your partner, and still have extra lubrication.  If you would prefer to have something to taste, you can try a flavored lubricant. The flavored lubricants we carry come in quite a variety of flavors, and we offer a sampler pack of the .5 oz lubes so you can try them all.

An other option is a Warming Gel, which is a bit thicker, and somewhat sticky, but has good flavors and has the extra advantage of warming up as you rub it and blow on it. This is a fine choice for oral sex on a man, but we don’t recommend using it on a woman, as these can tip the vaginal balance off and cause a yeast infection.

If you want something that provides a longer-lasting slip, with no taste, then a silicone-based lubricant is worth a try. These range from the very light texture like Move to the thicker UberLube.  They will have a bit of an “oily” feel to them without any taste or scent.

Happy tasting!

The Sex Educator