Is it okay to have sex in water?

Dear Sex Educator,

Is it possible to have sex in a pool? A few people have told me that you can get “stuck” from the suction from being under water. Is this true? Is underwater sex safe?

It is possible, and safe, to have sex under water. There is not enough of a vacuum created to actually cause suction that would get the two of you stuck together. You do have to be careful to use some lubricant – preferably a silicone-based lubricant like MoveUberlube, or System Jo – because your natural lubrication gets washed out of your vagina and you can get irritation and yeast infections quite easily. Yuck! Silicone lubricants are waterproof, so they will stay slippery and not dry out or get sticky, even underwater.

If you’re having intercourse in a pool or any other chlorinated body of water, silicone lube is a must, since the chlorine can be quite irritating – the silicone lube will protect your tissues quite well.

So yes, you can have sex in the water, just be sure to add a generous quantity of a good silicone lubricant to your partner before being penetrated.

The Sex Educator