How to do Kegels

Pelvic floor exercise tools act as biofeedback tools and help you know if and when you are contracting your pelvic floow muscles correctly. Most of them sit very close to the muscles you’re going to be contracting (your pelvic floor muscles), and when you lift those muscles you can feel the tool “lift” up inside you. This lets you know you’re using the right muscles.

Pelvic floor exercise tools also function as a resistance weight. Because you can position them near the muscles you’ll be lifting, they put extra weight on the muscles so they work harder as they contract. Think about doing leg lifts – they’ll strengthen your muscles if they’re done without weights, but they’ll strengthen your muscles faster if you do them with added weight. The same is true of your pelvic floor muscles.

Compare the Stone Egg to the Energie Exerciser


  1. Both tools are heavy and cool to the touch, and both sensations can help you identify where your pelvic floor muscles are. If the coolness is uncomfortable for you, you can always warm them in a glass of warm water before use.
  2. Neither tool can “get lost” inside of your vagina. We actually tie extra dental floss to the string of the Stone Egg to make it easier to reach and remove when you’re finished.
  3. Both tools can be used for the slow contraction exercises we mention below.
  4. Both tools are easily cleaned with soap and water, and will not absorb secretions. Neither are made from materials that will bleed dye.


  1. Although there is a little range in size, the Stone Egg is generally a bit wider than the widest end of the Energie Exerciser. If you are concerned that a two-finger penetration width is too much for you, you may want to choose the Energie.
  2. If you have experienced urethral or uterine prolapse (where the uterus and/or bladder are slipping down in position), the Stone Egg can be uncomfortable to use, especially when you tug on the cord and provide resistance. In this case, the Energie is also a better choice, because you can hold onto the end bulb and contract without actually pulling it hard against the urethra.
  3. The Stone Egg is much easier to reach than the Energie. If you have trouble reaching your vulva, you are better off with the Stone Egg.
  4. The Stone Egg is a tool that you can progressively increase the resistance on, either by tugging harder with the string, or standing and resisting the weight. By contrast, the Energie pretty much a lying-on-your-back type of tool, and if you’re not holding on to it, can twist around. Nothing bad will happen when it twists, but it does feel odd.
  5. Because of the sleek design, the Energie is a bit more challenging to grip onto. Fortunately, there are two differently sized ends, and if you’re comfortable inserting the larger end, it is therefore easier for your to grip because there is a larger surface inside of your vagina to hold onto.

Kegel Tool Exercise Instructions

The following instructions tell you how you can use either the Stone Exercise Egg or the Energie Exerciser to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

To begin, lie down on your back, coat your tool with lubricant and insert it into your vagina, until it comfortably slips into place just behind the pubic bone.

  1. Lift the tool up inside of your vagina with your muscles. It will feel like you’re pulling in and up toward your belly button, not pushing out.
  2. Add gentle resistance by pulling lightly on the string of the Smart Balls or Egg, or tugging gently on the end of the Energie, while you continue to pull the tool inward and upward.
  3. Relax your hand resistance.
  4. Relax your pelvis completely.

That’s one Kegel!

Remember, you haven’t completed a Kegel until you learn to relax the muscles. Intentional relaxation is just as important as the strengthening and flexing part. You will probably want to begin doing these exercises lying down, so you have gravity working with you rather than against you. Once your muscles are stronger, you can try doing the exercises standing up, allowing gravity to add resistance.

At first, do five Kegels in the morning and five at night. Work up to 10 in the morning and 10 at night. Your goal is to do 20 in the morning and 20 at night. When you’re done using your tool, wash it off with soap and water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

If you’re using the Exercise Egg, you’ll notice that it comes with a loop of white dental floss tied to the end. We do this so you’ll have a longer length of string to tug on to add resistance (some women find that the attached string is too short). It’s just plain dental floss, so remember to replace it regularly. When you get really strong, you can put quarters in the little velvet bag that comes with the Egg, and tie the bag to the Egg’s string. This will increase the weight and resistance.

Happy Exercising!