How can I best pleasure my partner

Dear Sex Educator,

Is the upper/inner thigh of a woman a sensitive or pleasurable spot to touch? Where are the best places to touch my girlfriend to give her the most pleasure? How can I pleasure my partner?

This wonderful question is one of the ones we get asked most often. My answer is actually very simple: Ask your partner what feels good! Everyone enjoys being touched in different ways, and what one person likes, another may find unpleasant, or experience as a neutral, or even negative, experience. So the best thing to do (and this can make for a great encounter, by the way) is to set aside some time to explore your sweetheart’s body, and map out what she/he likes. Try light touches, stroking, firm rubbing, light tickling, feathers, fingernail scratching, licking, nibbling, rubbing your body on your partner’s, all over her/his body …

Explore and experiment! Ask her/him as you go along, “do you like this?” and “how would you like me to touch you here?” This can be a very erotic experience, and gives you the added benefit of learning lots more about how your partner likes to be touched, and where.

Your homework is to set aside a couple of hours for mutual exploration, find a warm, comfortable place to relax together, and start exploring!


The Sex Educator