Yoga Erection Ring


Yoga is a soft, super stretchy, silicone erection ring sleeve with an throbby, rechargeable vibrator. Two different rings to choose from (in terms of snugness), and two different surfaces to deliver the vibration to someone else during penetration. The vibrator is easily removed for cleaning but we don’t suggest getting the vibrator itself wet. Easy plug-in charge cord means that you will not run out of power in the way that can happen with those tiny-tiny watch batteries.

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Color:  Gray, Red.
Material: Silicone.
Size: inner unstretched diameter of larger ring is 1.25″, smaller ring is 1″. 1.5″ thick with total length of 3.5″.
Power: Rechargeable. USB charge cord included.
Cleaning: Remove the vibrator before you wash the sleeve with warm water and mild soap. Do not get the vibrator wet.
Special Instructions: Do not use silicone lubricant with this toy.

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Any color, Gray, Red

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