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The author of this book, Tami Lynn Kent, is a seasoned pelvic floor therapist whose practice has developed into an integrative, mind-body approach informed by she learned from her own personal healing path and from the experiences of her female-bodied patients. In fact, one of the most powerful elements of Wild Feminine is the stories she shares about real women she’s worked with: mothers recovering from changes after childbirth, women with pelvic floor disorders, survivors of sexual and emotional trauma, and many who come to her to reconnect with their bodies and authentic selves from the inside out. Kent has translated the methods and wisdom that have helped so many of her patients into a compassionate guidebook full of wonderful self-care tips, instructions for self vaginal massage and bodywork, plus visualizations and exercises that help readers deepen their self-awareness and apply what they uncover in a way that is personally meaningful. It’s still a challenge to simply summarize Wild Feminine and fit it into a single spot in our store, but the hard-to-pin-down, “out there” content of this incredibly unique book is what makes it a profound and valuable resource. Though sometimes esoteric and definitely not for everyone, this empowering, holistic healing guide is grounded in powerful wisdom about the human body and psyche.


Who is this book for? Any female-bodied person interested in seeking inspiration and intimate mind-body healing. This might be one of those books certain folks are just drawn to–whether you’re yoga instructor or best friend recommended it, or the idea of deepening your connection to your body appeals to you. Wild Feminine might also be a meaningful complement to more conventional mental health care treatment or a clinical therapeutic program aimed at healing pelvic disorders. (Note: If you have acute pain or discomfort, we would recommend seeing your healthcare provider to make sure you get appropriate diagnosis and treatment.)


The author does tend to focus on motherhood and use a lot of gendered language specific to “the feminine” and spirituality, and this exclusive terminology might make the content inaccessible to some folks. If you are drawn to what it has to offer, we do recommend approaching the text with an open, curious attitude, and taking liberties to adapt and apply it to your life in whatever way works for you. Whether or not you believe the pelvic bowl is the key to living a vibrant, joyful life, this part of our bodies is extremely important to basic functioning and living comfortably.

370 pages. published 2011. by Tami Lyn Kent.

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