Wide Pump


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The Wide Pump features a simple pump handle, a see-through chamber ruled in inches and centimeters, and a quick-release valve. Chamber is wider than the Basic Erection Pump, and the simple design allows men to concentrate on the sensation of the vacuum. Excellent for men with a slight bend to their penis. Affordable and easy to use with two hands.

If you have difficulty achieving a seal or find that it sucks the testicles in with the shaft, we recommend purchasing the Thick Pump Sleeve to fit over the opening of the pump and help prevent drawing the testicles up into the pump during use.

You’ll want to purchase a water-based lubricant with the pump. Choices at the right.

Color: See-through shaft with black pump
Size: 8” x 3” (chamber); 27″ when vacuum hose is attached
Material: Plastic
Batteries: None
Cleaning: Detach vacuum hose and wash cylinder with warm, soapy water.

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