We Vibe Verge Ring


Finally a ring toy that is comfortably wide. The We Vibe Verge Ring is a waterproof, whisper-quiet ring easily worn on a penis or dildo. The design is ideal for those wanting penis and testicular vibration since the elongated nub is designed to stretch back towards the perineum. Could you wear it nub forward? Sure, you can wear this in any direction you or a partner wants. App controlled, multi-speed with mild to throbby pulsations, the We Vibe Verge is a super nice toy to play with when you have more time on your hands, or have other things for your hands to do.


Color: Marine Blue
Material: Silicone.
Size: inner diameter of larger ring is 2″; width is 2.5 ” and total length is 5.5″
Power: plug in magnetic USB charge cord included.
Cleaning: Soap and water wash. Completely waterproof.
Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.
Special Instructions: Do not use silicone lubricant with this toy. Instructions for We Vibe App available at the wevibe.com website.

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