Wand Thigh Harness


A thigh harness brilliantly designed to allow for hands-free vibrator use against your genitals in a variety of ways. Perfect for hands with arthritis or weakness, and for folks who want both penetration and strong vibrator stimulation using the toys of your own choosing.


Sometimes you just want your pleasure to be hands-free. This combination adjustable Thigh harness and Wand vibrator holder gives you many options for stimulation without the need to hold a vibrator in your hand.

  • Great for folks with arthritis or other hand issues.
  • Can be strapped around a bolster or pillow to allow one to ride either a wand alone, or a dildo and a wand.
  • Holds a wand against the genitals while leaving room for vaginal or anal penetration from behind or in “missionary” position with your legs up over your own or your partner’s shoulders.
  • Offers the option of placing a wand vibrator against the genitals for forced orgasm play or while the wearer is being restrained.

Color: Black.
Size: Fits thigh circumferences from 17.75″ – 35″. Holds dildos up to 1.75″ in diameter.
Material:  Faux leather with nylon web straps.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water.

Special Instructions:  Vibrating Wand NOT included.

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