Vulva Vibe Pump


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Vulva pumps are used to heighten sexual arousal by using vacuum to pull more blood into the vulva. The Vulva Vibe Pump takes this one step further by using vibration right in the suction head to amp up the blood flow. Very useful for those with lower arousal capacity, the Vulva Vibe Pump is also useful for people recovering from pelvic surgery or radiation in the same way that people with penises would use a pump for the Penile Rehabilitation program. The key is to vacuum blood gently into the vulva, then by releasing the vacuum, allow the blood to flow away. Blood flow is the key, rather than pumping and holding. Bulb is easy to squeeze with a convenient quick release, and the buzzy vibrator is one-speed push button.

Finding the correct position for optimal suction can be difficult for some, although the soft silicone head design makes this model easier than some to use.

Color: Purple
Size: Head is 2″ wide and 3.5″ long; total length is 30″ including bulb and tubing.
Material: Silicone
Batteries: 1 AA, included
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water; splashable
Special Instructions: Do not use silicone lubricant with this product

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