Venus Harness


The Venus Harness is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for sexy style. The cut is remarkably flattering and the D-ring straps adjust to accommodate a range of body types up to a 52″ waist. Many wearers appreciate the solid design to more thin and strappy harnesses. The outer soft, synthetic leather is lined with a luxurious plush layer to ensure your play is all pleasure. The reinforced O-ring stretches to accommodate dildos up to 1 5/8″ max so be sure to check the measurements of any dildo you pick out. You can also use a dildo stabilizer to keep a smaller dildo in place.

Venus is not a good choice for people with very small hips (straps just don’t cinch down smaller than 24″). Also not ideal for people wanting to hold a double dildo vaginally because it just doesn’t sit low enough on the hips to allow the dildo to come through.

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Color: Black
Material: Synthetic leather & plush lining.
Size/O Ring Diameter: Up to 52″ waist, O-ring up to 1 5/8″
Cleaning: Wipe down with warm soapy water.

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