Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women


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This is the second edition of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, the comprehensive source of accurate information about anal sex for women. Focusing attention on the safe and pleasurable sexual practices of anal play regardless of your sexual orientation, it contains accurate and thorough information on anatomy, safety practices, toys, techniques, and erotic short tales to illustrate the various topics.

This second addition includes an updated resource guide and health information, as well as a new section on male anal eroticism (for women whose male partners want to explore anal play); expanded chapters on power play, bondage, and anal fisting; and an ”Ask the Anal Advisor” section, which features answers to questions on all aspects of anal pleasure.

This is the best resource available for any woman who enjoys anal eroticism, as well as those who want to know all the ways to explore this very sensitive part of the body. Highly recommended.

223 pages. Author: Tristan Taormino. 2006.

For men looking for good information on anal eroticism and anal sex play, we recommend Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin (see sidebar on this page). It’s an in-depth guide to anal pleasure for everyone, with excellent information and advice.

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