Two Knotty Boys — Showing You the Ropes


A good basic guide to rope bondage and rope play. Offers clear instructions, good photos and a fun, upbeat style.

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This excellent book uses simple language and a fun attitude to teach you how to tie knots and do bondage. It’s one of few bondage books that provides thorough information on knot-tying, with both basic and decorative knots covered.

Each section of the book is short and easy to read, yet thorough. It begins with a discussion of safety, the pros and cons of some common types of rope, and general rope care. The specific ties are divided into 4 sections: Basic, Decorative, Dominance, and Sex Bondage. Each tie includes step-by-step illustrated directions, pros and cons, when to use it, and rope recommendations. There are 4-7 ties in each section, giving readers a taste of what they can use bondage for.

This is a detailed choice for both beginners and the more advanced who want information that’s easy to understand and implement. The many pictures and well-organized text make it great for visual learners. It’s best for someone who knows they are interested in bondage and just needs the practical information to get them going.

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