Truth or Dare Game


Settle in for a sultry evening with your sweetie, and open up this game of sexy actions and honest answers. Just roll the die, pick a card, and play along—two decks of cards offer a wide range of Truth or Dare activities, and lucky players who roll a ‘Wild’ can choose from the deck of their choice, then decide whether to perform the command themselves, instruct the other player to perform it, or pass.

This game is for two players, and is an excellent choice for couples who want to learn more about each other, whether their relationship is relatively new or longstanding. Well-written, full of opportunities for shared laughter, and suitable for all couples, regardless of gender or orientation (though a few cards do refer to one gender or the other). Have your favorite props at the ready!

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Note: This game includes role-playing, restraint, and some BDSM-related activities. Players should look through the deck beforehand and communicate about any activities that they are uncomfortable with or unwilling to perform.

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