Trojan Supra Polyurethane Condom


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Do you want a superthin, strong, non-latex condom that you can wear with any partner? Trojan’s Supra Polyurethane condom exactly fits the bill, and fills the non-latex need that no other condom can. Because it’s polyurethane instead of latex, our testers report that the feel of using the condom is a bit slicker than polyisoprene as well, and doesn’t make any of the noise of the Internal Condom (available thru health clinics only)..

Polyurethane does not stretch. Even though the measured size puts it at the larger end of our range, the Trojan Supra will not flexibly accommodate those who prefer the larger sizes. If you like a roomier condom and are unsure whether you or a partner are allergic to latex, try the polyisoprene (“Skyn”) condoms. Skyn external condoms don’t have the latex proteins (that cause the skin allergy), but do have the supple advantage of supple flexibility that the polyurethane condoms don’t.

Wearing and Usage Hints:

?Slippage?: if a condom is prone to slipping off, try using a flexible erection ring to keep the condom from sliding off. You just might like the sensation it adds.

?Allergy?: friction burns from wearing latex condoms are more common than actual allergies. If you or a partner are sure of the latex allergy, then trust that. However, if it’s possible that friction might be the cause–but you’re not sure–consider trying a skin test.

SAFETY FIRST: if you have any shortness of breath related to a suspected skin allergy DO NOT DO THIS TEST! Get skin testing from a health care provider instead.

  • open a latex condom package
  • slip the condom out of the package
  • slide the condom in the bend of your elbow (the soft inside part)
  • do something else with your arm bent (holding it in place)
  • after 30 minutes, take the condom out of the elbow spot.
  • look at the skin: is there any redness or itching?
    • If yes: go wash the elbow spot out with soap and warm water.
    • If there is itching at any time, take the condom out and go wash the area off.
    • If NO: this suggests that there is not an immediate latex allergy
  • However, you have one more check:
    • look back at the area in 24hrs. Some people have a “delayed” allergy, meaning that it takes the body a while to develop the redness/rash or itching


=>No itch, redness or rash? No allergy to latex. Because latex condoms are more flexible, most people prefer using them over the polyurethane. Add lubrication to the shaft of the condom (on the outside) as well as to the part being penetrated. If you are using a water-based lubricant that is drying up too fast (causing that friction burn), try a touch of FeMani Smooth Lubricant on the shaft instead. This slippery-slidy lubricant doesn’t soak in and stays slippery for a long, long time.

=>Itch, Redness and/or rash? Yup, someone is allergic. Try the Trojan Supra Polyurethane. The slickness is superior to latex and protection lets you touch places you want without unwanted contact. You still will want to apply more lubricant to the shaft to keep it from breaking. FeMani Smooth is FDA approved for use with polyurethane condoms, while very few other lubricants are.