The V Book: A Doctor’s Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health


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This resource book offers information on everything vulva- and vagina-related. You’ll find in-depth anatomy pictures and descriptions, how the vulva and vagina may change over a woman’s lifetime, ways to keep the vulva and vagina healthy and in balance, what do do when problems occur, and a resource section. It’s a great choice for any woman seeking a very detailed book to help her understand her vulvovaginal health, and to be her aid in determining what to do when things go wrong. We have heard from many women that this book has been very helpful when they have experienced vulvar pain, skin problems, and vulvar or vaginal concerns that their health care providers did not know how to treat.

The book was written before the strong concerns about Hormone Replacement Therapy were known, so you may wish to be more cautious about the author’s recommendations regarding hormones.

This book is most useful for any woman who struggles with vulvar or vaginal pain, chronic itching, chronic bladder infections, and other challenges that make her uncomfortable and affect her sexual health and satisfaction. It is invaluable as a resource when doing vulvovaginal problem-solving.

Length: 455 pages
Author: Elizabeth G. Stewart, M.D. and Paula Spencer
Published in: 2002

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