The Sex Game Mini Kit


What a fun little game this is! Spin the spinner and see where you end up. You might land on ”Kiss Partner and Spin Again,” which is self-explanatory (and fun!). You might choose ”Pick a Foreplay Card” to select a fill-in-the-blank action card (”Tickle my ________”), or land on ”Probing Thoughts” and answer a sexy question from the accompanying booklet. Last but not least, you might get ”Pick an X-Rated Card,” with slightly more risque fill-in-the-blank sentences, like ”Stimulate my ______.”

Whatever you spin, everyone gets to be a winner in this game! It’s also nicely adaptable for groups of more than two, and is not gender-specific, so anyone can play it. And if all that isn’t enough … it’s decorated in a wild, sexy, hot pink leopard-spot pattern!

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Game comes with mini spinning board, one set of 12 ”X-Rated” cards, one set of 12 ”Foreplay” cards, and instruction booklet with Intriguing Questions.