The Sex Deck


Pick up this compact deck to add some variety to your sex life, or leave a card or two on the kitchen counter to let your partner know exactly what you have in mind for the evening (or morning, or afternoon…). The attractive box set includes an Introduction/Table of Contents, and 52 3″x5″ cards, each with an illustration of the position, a full how-to description, and an explanation of why it’s good for each partner. Each position is given a 1-5 ranking for effort (1=easiest, 5=most challenging) so you can choose one based on how active you’re feeling, and we like that the writers include words of caution for positions that may pose problems for people with health concerns.

Suggestions for using the deck include: Pick a card to try every week of the year; select 3 cards you like and ask your partner to choose a favorite; pick a random number from 1-52, then try out the position on that card; choose 5 cards and incorporate them all into an extended lovemaking session.

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This deck is written for heterosexual couples; the drawings depict male-female pairs, and the descriptions explain “Why it’s good for men” and “Why it’s good for women.” Cards are divided into four sections: Man on top, woman on top, sitting and standing, and from behind. That said, with a little creativity, any couple exploring penetration with a penis or strap-on might find this deck useful. Suited especially for couples who want some ideas on hand, but who don’t want to keep a larger book around (i.e. those who live with children, roommates, or family members).



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