The Power of Wow


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How can a woman learn who she is sexually, from the inside? This guide is geared towards helping women learn or restore their sexual and sensual confidence through elevating self-esteem levels and exploring our self sexual identities through journaling and other exercises.

From the back cover: “Women are told that if we just have confidence, our lives will change and the world will be ours. But how do we go about developing that feminine confidence, that WOW that allows us to be the sexy, empowered women we are meant to be? Whether we’ve reached a certain age and feel invisible, or are consumed with the demands of work and family, the fact is that millions of women are longing to get their sexy back. Confidence-building primer that breaks down that elusive wow factor–and then gives us proven tools and techniques to elevate our esteem and maximize our sensuality.”

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Lori Bryant-Woolridge

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