The P Rose


Intense penis stimulation toy described as “mind-blowing fun!” by our product tester.


Penis owners finally have a “rose” toy of their own and it’s a doozy! This soft flower-shaped cup offers both rotation and vibration for the intensely pleasurable penis stimulation. The end that you use separates from the control end for easy cleaning.

Our reviewer wrote: “This feels amazing! The vibration itself feels good and then you add the spin and it is out of this world. I imagine that this is the kind of pleasure vagina owners feel when using some of the more elaborate sex toys. It’s a bit noisy, but the noise becomes a part of it all and then it’s just all fun.”

Color: Black and rose gold handle, clear insertion sleeve.
Size: 9 1/2″ total length, 3.25″ long stimulation sleeve
Material: Silicone with plastic controls
Batteries: USB Rechargeable
Cleaning Instructions: Clean sleeve with soapy warm water. Separate the sleeve before washing. Avoid getting water in or on the control unit.
Special Instructions:  Use water-based lube only with this toy. Charge after each use as it uses a lot of its rechargeable battery every time it is used.

Warranty:  1 Year with the manufacturer. Return to the manufacturer with the receipt and materials included with your purchase.

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