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Our reviewer writes:

The Modern Tantra Workshop is a video produced by the Loving Sex Institute and hosted by Dr. Patti Briton. It contains all the trademarks of the Loving Sex instructional videos: it features good-looking real-life couple from the mid-twenties to mid-forties, the video cuts between group workshop scenes and scenes where the couples show what they have just learned, and there are bonus scenes as well as a special menu with sexuality information.

The video starts out by giving a brief explanation of what Tantra is and how tantric sex is different from most people’s notions of sex. Then, Patti introduces a glass linga and yoni to the class and explains the roles of yoni and linga in tantra. Toy play featuring the dildo is featured near the end of the video.

After the intro, explains the importance of emotions and letting your partner know who much you appreciate them mind, body, and spirit. Then, the group participates in a breathing exercise. The scene features a couple praising each other. Patti then discusses the importance of senses in tantra. A couple with a blindfolded woman being fed various foods is supposed to show how fun it can be. She also discusses the different scents that stir up emotions in men and women. Next, Patti goes into detail about the Chakras. She starts by making everyone make an energy ball. Then she explains the locations of the chakras and what colors they project. Then she introduces finger paints as toy toy for exploring the chakras. That scene features a couple poolside marking the chakras with the body paint.
The last chapter features female and male genital massage. This features the toy scene, as well as each couple performing oral sex with their partners. It segues to the final scenes where each couple makes love.

My qualifications for a good instructional video is the instructor has to be believable, as well as likable, and the video has to do its job. Dr. Patti seems to know what she is talking about and there is really nothing to dislike about her. The video provides plenty of tantric terms as well as detailed explanations of all terms and principles it introduces. This movie is oriented towards hetero couples, but I don’t see why it can’t be modified for all couples. All couples perform cunnilingus and fellatio and there is an interracial couple (black man, white woman).