The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving


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This book is for those of us who have a hard time letting go and receiving pleasure. Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo presents a compelling case for committing to a different way of being, and offers a holistic and empowering guide for embracing the practice of saying “YES” to life, pleasure and love.


During solo and partner sex, being able to surrender to sensation is what creates the deepest, most satisfying experiences and allows us to connect to ourselves and others. Many of us have difficulty going to that vulnerable place, which can create frustration and a feeling of emptiness or stuckness in lives inside and outside of the bedroom.


This book is a unique exploration of our culture’s complicated relationship with desire and pleasure. Dischiavo makes insightful connections between many factors that contribute or cause this common challenge: Western social and family culture and values, gender, addiction and other mental health challenges, spirituality, behavior, personal history and sexuality. Dischiavo compares Western ideas about body image and relationships with Eastern philosophies and practices to help offer alternative ways of thinking and being.


Each chapter covers a specific facet of the practice of saying yes to love and life and offers reflective questions, exercises, and rituals to help foster more positive ways of thinking and relating to self and others. She includes many powerful personal stories that may offer validation and also a sense of what is possible. She uses what many would describe as New Age-y language, but considering the abstract nature of this topic the writing is clear, contained and grounded.

This integrated, broad approach is helpful in understanding and identifying personal hangups and underlying sources of stuckness or shame and to begin healing or make changes. If you are interested in learning to surrender and receive and are ready to heal, dive in, and do the deeper work to uncover what is getting your way, The Deep Yes is a wonderful starting point in this worthwhile journey.


Paperback. by Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo. 2016. 139 pages.

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