The Cuddle Sutra, 2nd e


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This book is based on the novel idea that cuddling is often more intimate (and sometimes even more erotic) than sex. And the best part of all: anyone can do it!

The book is divided into two main sections. The first part, “Private Displays of Affection”, includes chapters on “Cuddling in Bed” and “Couch Canoodling”. The second part tackles “Public Displays of Affection with a Chapter on Hand Holds and Embraces”. Each cuddle position includes a cartoon illustration along with a brief description of how to try it out. (The author keeps it short and sweet so you can get right to it!)

This book may spark your desire for some tried-and-true positions like spooning, or it may inspire you to try some sweet variations on old classics for optimal couch cuddling.

Makes a great gift for a friend or your favorite cuddle partner.

Length: 115 pages
Author: Rob Grader, illustrated by Leela Corman