Terra Firma – Non-leather


The leather Terra Firma harness has been a favorite for some time, and we are glad to be able to offer a synthetic version of this well-designed piece. This non-leather version features almost the same solid fit (the D-rings it uses slip slightly more than buckles), offers excellent dildo size flexibility and control, and adds washability at a lower cost. Some think the leather is a bit more comfortable and will conform more to your body better over time, but this is a great harness for anyone who prefers vegan products or wants to explore strap-on play for a lower cost.

When you want to use a slimmer or wider dildo with this harness, it helps to have a smaller or larger O-ring to hold it in place. Consider adding the Set of 4 O-rings (see sidebar) if you are using a dildo with a base smaller or larger than 1 3/4”.

You can use this harness with our double-ended dildos as well – just remove the back plate before doing so.

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Color: Black
Material: synthetic
Cleaning: Machine washable
Size/O Ring Diameter: Adjustable and fits those with hips up to 46”. Includes 1 3/4″ ring, which can be adjusted out.

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