Tenga Flex


A twisty alternative to the Fleshlight. The developers of the Tenga Flex have developed a flexible twisted shell covering a soft, squishy elastomer inner sleeve that left our tester with their eyes crossed. (Not permanently.) The key appears to be the squeeze/twist design which allows one to regulate the tightness while changing the level of suction with the end air-port. Use without the flexible shell for warmth and control. The cap and plunger help keep the Tenga Flex clean, and help keep the sleeve from sticking together.

Each color has a slightly different interior profile, with the white being silky smooth, and the black with more “rocky” ridges. So many options, work might be intruding on your playtime.

Great for travel, the Tenga Flex is not so bulky in your baggage. We highly recommend using Fleshlube, as you won’t waste as much money as you would when your favorite lube soaks into the elastomer.

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Color: White (silky profile) or Black (rocky profile)
Size: 2.75″ x 6.5″ long (including cap)
Material: Elastomer w/plastic shell
Cleaning Instructions: Turn inside out and clean with soapy warm water. The noises made during cleaning may remind you of giving your tribble a bath.
Special Instructions: If item gets sticky after washing, dust with cornstarch. Use only water-based lubricants with this item, as silicone-based and oil-based lubricants will cause it to melt.

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Any color, Black, White

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