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Nationally acclaimed educator and author of Sex and Sensibility, Deborah Roffman distills her more than thirty years of experience teaching kids–and their parents–into this indispensable guide, helping you to be your kids’ number one source for information and guidance on human sexuality. Roffman tackles everything from developmental stages to strategies for handling embarrassing or difficult conversations, offering the best ways to make sure you both keep talking (and listening).

This is a useful book for any parent looking for a roadmap to help them be a better parent, and more specifically to help them be the parent that a child thinks to ask the many questions about sex and intimacy and relationships that will arise. Highly recommended.

One of our reviewers wrote:

This book that should have a place on every parent’s bookshelf. Roffman sets out the 5 fundamental jobs that parents must do in order to meet what she defines as the 5 universal needs children have (affirmation, information, clarity about values, limits and boundaries, guidance). She then applies these jobs to the challenge of educating a child about sex, in a developmentally appropriate way, with examples and encouragement. She tackles many of the fears that parents have when thinking about becoming their child’s primary sex educator, and challenges parents to become that educator so that their child(ren) will not turn to someone else (or the internet) to get the education and guidance they need and want. Clear, easy to read, and encourages the reader to develop their own beliefs and then teach them.


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