T-Cups Nipple Set


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The T-Cups Nipple Set is an infinitely adjustable vacuum toy for nipple play. Unlike most other nipple suction toys, the T-Cups Nipple Set allows you to adjust higher or lower vacuum pressure while worn, instead of having to break the suction to adjust. T-Cups offer moderate to intense surface sensation in a portable set.

As with all nipple vacuum toys, there is sensation under vacuum, then a warm intense sensation as blood flows back to the area when the suction is broken. The nipples are likely very sensitive after suction is removed.

Color: Clear bell with red adjustment end.
Size: End opening is 1″ wide; total length is 4.5″.
Material: Plastic
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water.
Special Instructions: Only use suction for 30 minutes maximum. Do not use silicone lube, as the o-ring seal might degrade.

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