Synth Thigh Harness


When you are looking to ride on a dildo rather than holding it in your hand, the Synth Thigh Harness can hold that dildo securely for you. On a pillow? On a wheelchair seat? On a tree trunk? On a lover’s leg? Doesn’t matter where you want to hold it.

And hold it, it will. The dildo rests against a neoprene backing so sweat will not make this slide down most legs. Between people, the Synth Thigh Harness can lead to a nice snuggly face to face penetration experience for one of the two of you. Can be adapted for anal penetration, but if dildo is less than 1.5″ you might want to use a Dildo Stabilizer.

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Color: Black
Material: synthetic
Cleaning: Machine washable. Snap ends together before washing or use a washing bag.
Size/O Ring Diameter: Includes 1 3/4″ ring, which cannot be adjusted out.

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