Sutil Rich Lubricant


Sutil Rich is a thick, cushiony, long-lasting formula with dedicated followers, so we’re making it available on the website again. Please note that Sutil Rich is NOT moisturizing as the water content is much, much lower that the sister product Sutil Luxe.People looking for moisturizing or have dry skin will probably be disappointed with this Sutil Rich and happier with Sutil Luxe.

That said, Sutil Rich is a luxurious, smooth gel, creamy without the cream, sultry without silicone. Lasts much longer than Sliquid SassySliquid Gel, or even Sex Grease. Great product for use with penis sleeve products as it doesn’t soak in much at all.

Sutil Rich has a bunch of ingredients that we think are at such low concentration as to make them useless, but don’t seem to cause most aficionados much problem. Sutil Rich is gluten free.


Sizes: 10 ml sample, 2 oz, 4 oz
Ingredients: Aqua, Propanediol (Zamea, botanical source), Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical source), Nelumbo Nucifera Root Extract (Lotus Root), Horny Goat weed extract, Panax inseng root extract, Ziyphus jujuba fruit extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate.

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sample, 2 oz, 4 oz

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