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Sona 2 is Lelo’s redesign of the Womanizer products and they’ve improved several features. Sona provides different levels of pulsating air at the clitoral head resulting in a unique, intense, focused clitoral head stimulation. It feels like vibration, but the source is air pressure rather than a traditional vibrator push. Sona 2 is quiet, and the shape is comfortable to hold in a variety of positions, (but harder to squeeze between bodies). This is ideal for people with low grip strength, however could be a problem with smaller hands. The pressure port is smaller by a bit than the We Vibe Melt.

The controls are more elaborate and allow you to find the setting you enjoy and play only with intensity, or switch through different pulsation patterns. This means that you can wander around and experience different sensations more easily and don’t have to cycle through the whole offering to get back to where you wanted to be. Practice before you use.

That said, we think clitoral air devices are perfect stimulation toys for some, and a waste of money for others. If you like focused suction sensation over the head of the clitoris specifically, you might really enjoy spending some time with Sona 2.

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Material: Silicone coated and plastic.
Size: 2″ wide with total length of 4.25″.
Color.: Black, Purple.
Batteries: None. USB charging cord included.
Care and Cleaning: Waterproof.
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Any color, Black, Purple

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