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When you are looking for something to give you the right size genital buldge, packers are a soft, realistic option. We’ve revamped our offerings to give you a broader range of size, color and materials and collected them here so that you can compare your choices. Note that these aren’t stiff enough for most penetration activities for most people. All of these options are all available with attached testicles which makes them easier to hold in packing harnesses or boxer briefs (not included). These are not meant to last as long as other dildos as the softness of the material which adds to realism takes away from durability.

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First, choose color: All versions are available in three different colors: Caramel, Chocolate & Vanilla.

Second, choose material: Gary or Bruno are both TPR (thermoplastic resin): very, very soft, less durable, less expensive, and may cause skin reactions in those with sensitive skin. Dick and Aaron are both soft silicone: a bit firmer, more durable, more expensive, but less likely to cause skin reactions.

Third, choose size: Gary and Dick sport 4″ shafts. Bruno and Aaron have 5″ shafts.

To recap:
Gary: 4″ shaft TPR
Dick: 4″ shaft soft silicone
Bruno: 5″ shaft TPR
Aaron: 5″ shaft soft silicone.

Care & Cleaning: Wash with soap and water, pat dry. To maintain softer, less-sticky surface, dust with corn starch after dry.

Do Not Use Silicone Lube

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Any color, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla


Aaron, Bruno, Dick, Gary

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