Snug, nubby erection ring set of 4


If you’re the kind off person who enjoys the sensation of very snug constriction while wearing an erection ring, these are for  you. They offer some sensation numbs around the outside to add to your partner’s experience.

We recommend wearing for no longer than 30 minutes, and you may want to remove the ring before ejaculating as otherwise you may have some pain with ejaculation.

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Stretchy, very snug ring to wear at the base of the penis for a firmer, longer erection They are quite tight, so if you’re not sure you like that sensation, choose a more adjustable ring instead. Water-based or hybrid lubricant only, please.

Comes in an assortment of 4. We will try to give you 4 different types of nubs, but there could be some duplicates in your order due to availability.

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