Single Use Vibrating Ring


This nifty erection ring sits at the base of a penis or dildo, providing 20-30 minutes of vibration. If you’re curious about erection rings and vibration but not sure if you’ll like the sensations, try the Single Use Ring before investing in a more expensive toy.

The stretchy ring is reusable, but the vibrator’s batteries will run out after 20-30 minutes of continuous use (there is an On/Off switch, so it may last for multiple sessions).

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Color: Varies
Size: 2″ long x 1 1/4″ wide
Material: Elastomer ring with plastic vibe
Batteries: None (vibrator is designed to run out after 20-30 minutes, and batteries cannot be replaced)
Cleaning instructions: Clean this toy with warm soapy water on a washcloth. Do not submerge vibrating portion.

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