Silicone Dilator Set of 5


The Dilator Set of 5 is intended to be used with the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist or other health care provider in a coordinated program to help gradually minimize vaginal penetration discomfort. We like the graduation of this series, beginning with size 1, the width of an index finger, to size 5, the width of two index fingers. Some may choose to move to a different toy if a greater comfort with more width is desired beyond size 5.

The silicone is silky smooth, and each size has an easy-to-insert tapered tip. Although they are gently flexible, the Dilator Set of 5 is firm enough to accurately assess what you’re relaxing against. Nice brief instructions (in many languages) help as a reminder in use, although your health care provider knows your path best and can guide you. Water-based or hybrid lubricants are best.

Not as useful for post-pelvic radiation or vaginal atrophy, as the insertable length is not long enough at Size 1&2 to reach deep into the vaginal space. The FeMani Wands are a better choice for those rehabilitation programs.


Color: yellow, orange, lavender, blue & purple set.
Material: Silicone.
SizesSize 1: 0.5″ at widest point, with a 2.5″ insertable length; Size 2: 0.75″ at widest point w/ 3″ insertable length; Size 3: 0.87″ at widest point w/ 3.5″ insertable length; Size 4: 1″ at widest point w/4.25″ insertable length; Size 5: 1.25″ at widest point w/ 5″ insertable length.
Cleaning: Warm soapy water and all sizes are completely submersible.
Special Instructions: Do not use silicone lubricants.

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