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We cheered when these flexible soft Silicone Anal Beads became available: easy to use and easy to clean. This string of beads is the perfect choice for those who want a wearable anal toy that is not too big, or those who enjoy the sensation of anal stimulation at the time of orgasm. Just lubricate the beads and insert them (a great tease all its own) and then pull them out at the time of orgasm (quickly or slowly–each way changes the experience).

Color: Black or Purple.
Size: 12″ long overall; 3/4” wide at the widest point.
Material: Silicone.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water. If you wish to share this item or use it both vaginally and anally, cover it with an unlubricated condom each time.
Special Instructions: Use with water-based lubricants only, as silicone-based lubricants will damage this item’s surface.

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Any color, Black, Purple

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