Sex is a Funny Word



Written by one of our favorite sex educators, Cory Silverberg, Sex is A Funny Word is a clear, easy to understand guide about bodies, feelings, relationships, and self-discovery. Though the intended audience is adolescents, the topics are so universal and important, one of our staff members remarked that the book could be called “Being Human 101.” And this is what sex-ed is really about: building a shame-free relationship with self and others based on respect, trust, joy, and justice.

The book covers the basics of bodies and development using brilliantly inclusive language and relatable, diverse characters and colorful graphics. Tough topics like gender, orientation, consent, and unwanted touch are tackled in a clear, direct, and age-appropriate way. We love that the characters ask the young readers lots of questions to encourage reflection about their own families, experiences, and feelings along the way. The tone invites readers to join the exploration at their own pace and comfort level, even giving notice about what each new section includes and emphasizing that every person learns and experiences new things and ideas differently.

Highly recommended!

Hardcover. by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth. 2015. 159 pages.