Sex after Service


Sex After Service, a guide for military service members, veterans, and the people who love them is a welcome reference book for those interested in the effects of heterosexual people in military service. From a brief classical overview of sexual arousal, Dr. Helmer dives deep into the relevance of sexual health to military personnel. Topics are covered such as:

  • how sexual health is affected by military service and culture
  • visible and invisible wounds of war
  • traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder

From here, the book acts mostly are a referral resource, rather than a comprehensive guide to solving the problems. This is not a self-help book. The best use of this book is in identifying potential problems, and finding resources to help choose professionals.

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NOTE: Sex After Service includes highly problematic descriptions of “women” and “men” in simplistic genetic/assigned at birth terms, as well as a complete focus on heteronormative gender and cultural roles. Within this very restricted in perspective, Sex After Service will not meet some people’s needs. Medically, the focus on hormonal influence on arousal is unfortunate (and follows from the heteronormative perspective), and antiquated concepts (“arousal often proceeds seamlessly from desire”) leaves the question of what to do when it doesn’t. We hope for a better revision.