Sensual Secrets to Amazing Sex


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Senual Secrets is unique and refreshing. Follow along with Dr. Patti Britton, plus three real couples (of many ethnicities) and one couple at home, as she gives a workshop on whole-body sensuality. As she describes a variety of techniques and tools, the couples demonstrate them for us in delightful and explicit detail.

This DVD is refreshing because it uses real couples, and because it focuses on using and arousing all our senses to have a fulfilling sexual experience. Experiment with taste by eating flavorful foods like melon and strawberry as your partner feeds you. Diffuse some essential oils into the room for a lovely scent. Gaze into your partner’s eyes to visually arouse and connect with each other … give and receive a whole-body massage to awaken your skin … put on some mood music to arouse your hearing … sound like fun?

Some of the techniques you’ll learn in Senual Secrets to Amazing Sex include how to give a sensual, erotic massage; how and where to be sexual in nature, so you can experience all the smells and textures the earth has to offer; some fun ways to explore your senses, like body painting with your partner; how to use water as an erotic tool; and how to give a foot massage that can be so good it leads to orgasm … this DVD is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to use all their senses during an erotic experience. This instructional film would be especially great for anyone who finds that they (or their partner) feel they don’t get very aroused during sex, or for those who want to explore alternatives to intercourse. Includes a music CD that you can use during your next erotic encounter.

110 min. Produced in 2005.

This DVD does not have region-specific coding, and is playable all over the world.

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