Satin Oral Sex Barrier


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These thin latex sex sheets were designed to make oral-genital contact (oral-vulva and oral-anal only) safe and pleasurable for both partners. These are twice as large, and twice as thin as dental dams, and have pleasant scents. Why use these? We recommend always using a barrier during oral-anal contact, to keep any unfriendly bacteria or viruses from moving from one body to another. Sex sheets are also nice when your partner (or you) is uncomfortable with direct oral contact with the vulva and vagina. And finally, when you have a new partner, it’s best to have cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) with a barrier until you know for certain that your infection status.

These are so silky our customers keep wanting the makers to create clothing out of the same material. Mmm.

Color: Available in strawberry (pink), grape (purple), vanilla (cream) and spearmint (green).
Instructions: Put some lubricant on the area to be licked, lay the sheet gently on top of the skin (don’t stretch), then lick away. One trick to hold it in place without hands is to get a garter belt, and use the garter ends to hold it in place. Tasty and fashionable. Each latex sheet is 6” by 10.”

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Any Flavor, Grape, Spearmint, Strawberry, Vanilla