Rosy Vulva Pump


Easy-to-use pump to increase blood in the clitoris for more sensitivity to stimulation. Finger-pull pumping for ease on the hand and a release valve on the vulva end for quick release. Comes apart for easy cleaning.

See information below for instructions.

Material: ABS plastic, Silicone, Acrylic.

Cleaning:  Disassemble the parts and wash with soap and water.

Note:  No silicone lube with this.



Vulva pumps are a simple way to bring more blood into the vulva and clitoris so that you can increase sensitivity to touch and make it easier to reach orgasm. To use:

  1. Use a water-based lubricant around the opening of the pump and set over your vulva.
  2. Pump gently and then release the pump 3 or 4 times.
  3. Pump gently (never to the point of discomfort) and hold for a count of 5 and then release the vacuum.
  4. Add oral, manual or vibrator stimulation for pleasure.

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