Rose Duet


The Rose Duet takes clitoral air devices up a notch, adding an insertable vibrator to the clitoral air stimulation. The duet features 5 air intensity modes and 10 vibration levels. The rose has a 1/2″ opening and the rosette is akin to our 2 finger sized insertables. Let your passion bloom with this set designed to give you or your partner intense blended orgasms.


Color: Pink with a green cord.
Size: The Rose portion is 3.5″ tall x 2″ wide. Opening is .5″ diameter. The insertable portion is 2.5″ long with a width of 1.5″. Length of entire unit is 15.5″.
Material: Silicone.
Power: Rechargeable with included USB cable.
Cleaning Instructions: Splashable. Clean carefully with soapy warm water on a washcloth and blot dry. Do Not use silicone lube.

Warranty: 1 year with the manufacturer.

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