Rock & Roll Set


When versatility is what you want, choose the Rock & Roll Set. When you like to wear a quiet, throbby vibration on a ring (on a penis or dildo?), choose the silicone Roll ER. But when you’d like your fingers to do the talking, slip the vibrator into the finger holder (Rock), and try to push someone’s buttons. The ER is a moderately stretchy ring with bumper pads to intensify the sensation of the person being penetrated. Rock & Roll uses the same great VaVa Voom vibrator: whisper quiet with powerful, rechargeable, throbby vibrations.

In fact, if you want to use both the silicone finger holder AND the ring holder at the same time, just buy a VaVa Voom.

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Size: The ring width is 1.25″, with a total length of 2.75″.
Color: Blue or Purple
Material: Silicone
Power: Rechargeable. USB charging cord included.
Care & Cleaning: Splashable, use non-moisturizing soap and warm water to clean; do not use silicone lubricant
Warranty: 1 yr manufacturer warranty

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Any color, Blue, Purple

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