Remote Controlled Vibe & Panty


Remote controlled vibrator with a fits-almost-everyone wearable panty. The adjustable elastic side straps mean anyone with hips up to 72″ (+ 5″ of elastic stretch) can wear this throbby vibrator. You can wear the special controller ring or hand the controls to someone else. Someone who’s watching to see the surprise when it turns on and to see your eyes dilate as your arousal kicks off.


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Colors: Black panty + black vibe or Red panty + red vibe. Ring is one size, black.
Size:  Vibrator is: 5” long by 1.5” wide.
Power: Rechargeable. USB charge cord included.
Material: ABS Plastic
Cleaning Instructions: Splashable. Clean carefully with soapy warm water.

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Any color, Black + black, Red + red

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