Red Hot Touch



This enjoyable, upbeat book goes over lots of ways you can use your hands to increase your and your partner’s pleasure. Your hands have the potential for giving pleasure in more ways than you might imagine, and so the authors aim to teach you how to turn your hands into “virtuosos of pleasure.” You’ll learn about the body’s many erogenous zones (earlobe, feet, breast, neck…), and different ways to touch them. You’ll learn how to use these techniques to give a pleasurable full-body massage. They teach you how to use your entire hand, not just the fingertips, to increase the variety of ways you touch.

After discussing full-body techniques, they discuss techniques and strokes for genital massage and hand jobs, with separate chapters devoted to touching men and touching women. You’ll learn a wide variety of techniques with playful names like “Twist N Shout,” “Loop de Loop,” and “Little Earthquake.” Each stroke includes information about whether it should be done with or without lube, and, for men, whether it should be done when his penis is erect or soft. Each description is brief enough that you don’t have to spend too much time reading (more time for touching!), but detailed enough that you can figure out exactly how to do it with confidence. Also included: how to incorporate these techniques into oral sex and intercourse, anal massage, vaginal fisting, and more.

This is one of very few books that focuses on techniques to use on both men and women, making it a great choice for different-gender couples wanting a book they can both use. It’s also a great choice for anyone of any gender or orientation (despite the cover image): the language is inclusive, the full-body techniques can be used on anyone, and the genital techniques are divided up so you can flip to whatever section is relevant for you.

This book is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn new ways to touch their partner and increase the pleasure and creativity of their sex play.

Length: 195 pages
Authors: Jaiya and Jon Hanauer with Julie Jeffries
Published in: 2008

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