Reclaiming Your Sexual Self


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Recent data indicates that up to one-third of women in the United States are just not interested in sex. What is it that is affecting our libidos, and how can we begin to feel sexual desire again? These questions form the background for Reclaiming Your Sexual Self, as author and sex therapist Kathryn Hall, Ph.D., delves into the reasons many women just don’t feel sexual. With lots of helpful exercises and questions to think about, we really like this book for its straightforward, honest and comprehensive approach to desire. For example, rather than asking, ”What’s wrong with me?”, try asking, ”What factors in my life are making me feel like I don’t want to have sex?” Hall goes into a wide variety of reasons for a decrease in libido — stress, chores, lack of support, and many other factors — with an emphasis on delving into your own life to see what your individual libido-reducers are.

We recommend this book for anyone who is experiencing low desire and wants to get some helpful suggestions for creating the right conditions in your life for more desire and libido.

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